When a street food tour changes your vision of Mombasa !


I have already said it in my last youtube video, Mombasa was the last city I liked during my trip to Kenya. It is mostly due to a bad airbnb and taxi experience I had.

Yet ! Yet ! Food has saved my life again from that bad experience thanks to a street food tour experience in the colorful streets of mombasa !

I really recommend you to try this street food tour with Waniala on Airbnb ! I did it on Christmas day, it was an atypical way to celebrate and I do not regret at all !

The tour starts from Mombasa centre at Tusks monument and ends up at the Mama Ngina waterfront !

What did I eat during this street food tour ?

A lot of good things ! 🙂

First things first ! If you are a vegetarian like myself (lacto-ovo vegetarian), this tours is going to be very pleasant for you. However for vegans, you may not enjoy it that much even if you are going to have a few things to eat.

Also, as it was Christmas, most shops/stalls were closed but we were still able to enjoy a lot of good food !

We started with a small snack called « Viazi Karai » which is close to Irish potatoes but with a lot of spices and lemon : it was delicious !

Then, we had Bhajiya which are inspired from the indian cuisine (small salty donuts). We also had more sweet food such as a corn soup and « Kaimati ». Kaimati is a small sweet donut, it is very sweet but so good ! I think it was one of my favorite thing !

Viazi Karai

As we walked along the streets, I realized that food in Mombasa has a lot of influence from Oman and India. It actually make sense when you learn a little bit about Kenyan history, but it was still very impressive to me as I would not imagine it in a such a strong way. Also, there are a lot of cafés and kebab places as we walked.

Waniala walked me through many streets and stalls and we passed by the busiest street of Mombasa: Bishara Street. Unfortunately, the street was not as busy as usual but you could still find a few shops opened. After visiting that street, Waniala stopped us at a coconut water stall to enjoy a fresh coconut water ! I LOVED IT ! 🙂

As I was sipping my coconut water, I observed the « Matatus » (local buses) and I realized that in Mombasa and Kenya, everything is about signs. For example, as soon as a matatu driver meets your look, it stops because they believe you would like to get in with them. I found that very odd and funny ! ^^ I shared my observation with Waniala and he explained to me that we should not look at them in the eye indeed if we do not want to get in with them !

After that coconut stop, we went to a parc not too far from the city and stopped to sip a sugar cane juice ! Finally, we took a tuk tuk ride to Mama Ngina waterfront and enjoyd some hot cassava crips with spices.

Mama Ngina waterfront is a very alive and restful place, there are many spots to seat and enjoy the fresh breeze from the Indian Ocean.

Why I loved this street food tour ?

  • I loved it because I was able to both experience the city and food !
  • It is a good way to contribute to the local economy. Waniala pays people directly during the tour.
  • It is the opportunity to talk with a local and ask questions nobody can answer 😉

If you also want to experience this street food tour with Waniala in Mombasa, you can find it HERE. 🙂




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