My kenyan pearl : LAMU !


This article was very difficult for me to write as this place is very difficult to report. I believe Lamu is really and experience that has to be felt individually. So, I decided to tell you about the 3 things that made my experience unforgettable !

1- Umra’s House

I did not know that I had booked a house of a very well know person for her philantropic work in the region and also the best suite of the house ! We can say that my trip has started pretty well indeed !

I was looking for a quite remote space and Umra’s House was offering that need. It is located in the dunes of Shela and there reigns a majestic silence. The house is composed of one main house (Umra’s family house), huts and a school for kids.

There are pets in the house (1 dog and 2 cats) which are adorable ! The breakfast in included and lunch/dinner can be organized by the house helpers.

I have spent a lot of my time with the house owner who made me visit the area and we introduced me to wonderful people. Sometimes at night, I would go for a walk and felt completely safe. It is the most positive aspect of Shela, it is so safe !

2- Sumeia’s organic farm

Airbnb experiences during this trip really helped me out ! That is how I found out about Sumeia’s organic farm !

It is a farm located next to Shela in the midst of coconut trees and white sand.

The farm’s main objective is to highlight local products such as moringa, loofah, medicinal plants and spices. Sundays are visiting days, it is better to wake up early to the most out of it !

I loved my visit to this farm, it was an opportunity to discover a project held by mostly local women and see how products were made. On top of that, the project is able to sustain 23 jobs to create handmade products : I find that absolutely wonderful !

At the end of the visit, they offer you a tomato pesto with sautéed garlic moringa leaves. In addition to the food, you get to try a « tapakizi »beverage (local medicinal plant).

That day was the most delightful and rich day as I learned more about medicinal plants and spices.

3- Let yourself being carried away by Lamu’s energy

When you are in Lamu, the most important thing to me is to let yourself being carried away, it helps to connect the energy of the island.

Taking time to feel the almost cosmic energy of the area is already an activity in itself. You can walk for hours around the beach and look at the dunes to listen to its stories.

Also, you can go for an early meditation day to be thankful for what you are experiencing. You can take your time to talk to people. Since there is no cars in Lamu, you have to cross people’s look and after a couple of days, there must be a bond that is created, so talking to people becomes an activity too. We are not always aware of it but we tend to forget to talk to people, to share a moment, it makes us feel anchored and good !

Then, you can take a boat to see the mangrove at sunset : it is an unbelievable experience.

What needs to be remembered from Lamu ?

Apprendre à apprécier le moment et vivre sur un rythme plus lent. Pour la boule d’énergie que je suis, il n’y a pas de meilleure leçon 😉

Learning to appreciate each moment and live on a slower mode. For a person who is as energetic as me, there no better lesson to be remembered 😉




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