Keep up with your 2020 resolutions !

This year is THE year, you will keep up with your new resolutions !

I know that each year, we throw ourselves into new resolutions and we end up not keeping up with them after 2 weeks…Y’all know what I am talking about ! 😉

Each year, we persuade ourself that this time is gonna be the right time, we are not giving up, yet we end up giving in !


Stop resolutions, choose tangible intentions !

Actually, the massive problem around resolutions is that we want them without even asking ourselves why we need them in the first place. It becomes something fashionable and we feel as if we had to make new resolutions. I am still convinced that we do not always need them. Sometimes they can be necessary, other times, they may feel uncomfortable.

For example, last year I did not have any as it did not feel right. It was a « live and let live » type of year. Was this your case too ?

Yet, the real problem beneath new year resolutions are that they lack tangible intention. What the heck does that mean ?

Let’s suppose that in 2020 you wish to be more active. You may have to figure out what active means to you ? Is it physically active ? Socially active ? It’s only from that space that you may be able to keep up with your resolutions !

This way of implementing your resolutions will allow you to have tangible objectives to accomplish. You will see daily immediate results which are very encouraging to keep up with your resolutions ! I have tried it, here is an example of tangible resolution sheet you can also use !

Reflect on the past to better live the present

A new decade is starting and before getting right into it, one should reflect on what happened 10 years before, that brings us back to 2010. Where were we ? What were we feeling ? Is it nice to think about these moments ? Do feel joy or sadness ? Which experiences we would like to be repeated for the next decade ?

If there are things we regret, maybe we should take some little time for love and empathy for ourself. If the memories are great , then being grateful is an amazing gift we can offer to life for letting us enjoy things in such a meaningful way.

Once you have that figured out, you may be ready now to set your tangible intentions for this new year !

Wishing you the best and I wish you a very happy new year 2020 !




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