A Patchwork therapy : the wall of ideas !

A wall for an active meditation

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I was in my flat back to Spain. I woke up one morning after a vivid dream and I received the following information from my intuition: “go get a waxed cloth, pens and you’ll paste it on your wall to throw your thoughts on it !”

Back in the day, I was not very aware of what was going on, I was hardly touching what I so called today « the invisible world, the internal world ».

As soon as I woke up, I ran through the city looking up for a white waxed cloth, pens to write down my ideas. I was so enthusiastic and passionate about this adventure, people in the shops must have thought that I was a bit out there, they were all telling me things like “Nena ! Pero que esta pasando?” I would not even indulge in a conversation, I just kept on with what I had in mind and ran to my place to install my future wall.

After pasting this huge white cloth, I was invaded by this strong internal emotion that I could not describe. If my memory serves me right, the first word I wrote was “Pandora”. For a very long time, that word was alone on the immense ocean of white color. The truth is that I was frightened to express what was burning inside me, yet I felt I had to do it, it was going to heal me.

Discovering intensity and learn the art of loving

I accepted my fear and said to myself “I let everything go and I want to create”

I became obsessed with this experience! I could not stop writing, connecting ideas, they were coming at a frenetic pace, my thoughts were moving at such a fast pace until dawn and exhaustion.I would not go out anymore, I would cry, laugh, get angry in front of this wall, I was facing my emotions, my resentments, my fears everything was mixed. I LOVED IT ! Yes, I loved it !

It was INTENSE and I was living the moment, now!

When I finished my œuvre, I remember of the last words coming very slowly, like when you try to grasp the last drops of your favorite drink out of its bottle.

I enjoyed the last drops of thoughts and words, I smelled the ink for the last time, I listened to the sound of the pen caressing the cloth and as a subtle breath I wrote down the lesson that this wall wanted to teach me: I was afraid to give, so it taught me something very meaningful that’s guiding me through my life:

“Do not only* give to people who deserve it*, just give and see what happens”

What I did after this experience was not easy, as we could think that giving only means offering something to someone. It’s more complex.

It also means, giving something to yourself which also means giving love to yourself before taking care of others.

To give is also learning to “know thyself” in order to offer what we do best to others, to be at service, without force, but only using the strength of our character, our soul and offering what we have.

That year 2015, I started the process of coming back to myself, to who I truly was. I found out that I had enough love in my heart to embrace this great gift that life is!

Djem you funny…but what does it mean practically

In practice, these notions seem quite abstract, but it is possible to bring them into our daily life by discovering our authenticity as explained in my last blog article.

Into practice, it means that we start observing who we are to notice when we are not being very loving towards not only ourselves but others. So, we could offer a nice sweet to our coworker that’s having a bad day, offer something to a homeless person we meet, become less demanding with ourselves and more loving… there are thousands of ways we can love and give. Most importantly we need to remember to give honestly, without expecting anything in return. Just do and let time transform your actions, that’s how we work with the universe.

I discovered this wall today by accident. I realized it was very therapeutic to me and I could not realize it before. I thought this could be really cool for you too, if you would like to try it from wherever you are.

It’s a very intense process but very liberating.

I recommend it to:

  • Very creative individuals !
  • Individuals that have a hard time expressing their emotions and are controlling them
  • Individuals that want to liberate from something they have a hard time verbalizing
  • Individuals who tend to be in their own head a lot and want to get a picture of what’s going on in their mind
  • Individuals that want to understand how they create links between different ideas

What to buy ? :

  • A large white cloth (about 1m, 1m50)
  • Tape or nails to stick the cloth
  • Pens of your choice

You need to get in touch with yourself and let the magic happen! J

Have a great exploration !


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