« Chijavou » coconut salad and why I love coconut!


Since I came back to France and during my trip I was not able to make a report about what i found and how I felt during this trip!

So, I felt like writing a “throwback” article about this amazing recipe and the beautiful product that coconut is!

Why do I love coconut?

It is a VERSATILE product and you can do billions of things! It can actually serve to make oil, milk, scrubbing cream, sweets, flour, cakes, cream… anything that is good for your body & soul!

VERSATILITY is a quality that I admired in a human being so there is no surprise that coconut is so dear to my heart!

Benefits from coconut

First of all, we have to distinguish 2 types of coconut, mature and immature. They are not consumed the same way.

  • The immature coconut or « Chijavou » in mahorese : you can recognize it by its green shell and a jelly white flesh. Its water is filled with electrolytes which are very important to keep our muscular, cardio-vascular, nervous and immune systems balanced.
  • The mature coconut or « nadzi » in mahorese : you can recognize it by its brown shell and a hard white flesh. Its water is also good, but I recommend it more for your beauty products. The flash is raped to make milk, “koloda” (mahorese sweets), scrubbing creams etc.. The milk is absolutely amazing to make coconut virgin oil : amazing medicine to have at home !

How to cook with coconut ?

C’est un produit très versatile, donc la limite est réside dans votre imagination ! Sachez juste que la noix de coco jeune sera meilleure pour des préparations froides (salades) et la noix de coco mature sera pour vos préparations chaudes (sauces, soupe).

It is a versatile product so your imagination is the limit ! Bear in mind that immature coconut will always be better suited for cold dishes such as salad. However, mature coconut will always be better suited for hot preparations such as soups, sauces.

Here is an example of a recipe:

« chijavou » coconut salad & cucumber

Ingredients :

– 1 « chijavou » immature coconut

– 1 cucumber

– Half of a green papaya

– 1 lime

– Pepper

– Salt

– 1 red onion

  • Cut your coconut into two pieces and use a spoon to get the flesh
  • Cut the flesh into small pieces and put aside in a bowl
  • Peel your cucumber and grate them in a medium bowl
  • Peel your papaya and grate them in the same bowl as your cucumber
  • Put salt on cucumbers and papaya as per your taste
  • Chop your onions into small pieces and add them to the preparation
  • Ajoutez le jus de citron et les lamelles de chijavou, poivrez et c’est prêt ! 🙂
  • Add your lime juice and the chijavou, put pepper and you are ready to have a delicious and fresh salad!

This recipe was made during my trip to Mayotte, if you would like to know about my experience, you see my video HERE 

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